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How is this the best Tide Clock out there?

  • Displays tides at 5,500+ sites across North America including:

    • USA (West Coast, East Coast and Gulf of Mexico - Hawaii and Alaska) 

    • Canada (all coastal provinces)

    • Mexico

    • Central American countries

    • Caribbean/Atlantic/Pacific islands. (details)

  • Displays current time, date and tide height.

  • Displays future tide times and heights.

  • Set it once. No manual adjustments needed.

  • Four different displays - ranging from decorative to detailed. (see pics)

    • Animated Aquarium

    • Clock

    • Graph

    • Table


  • 3.2" LCD touch-screen. 

  • Standalone, not an internet device. Tides through the year 2035 are preloaded. 

  • Site can be selected using US Zip Code, Canadian Postal Code or GPS coordinates. 

  • Display height in either feet or meters.

  • Very accurate clock with battery backup (included). Set it and forget it. 


  • USB powered - 

    • includes USB wall plug (110v) 

    • use any standard USB port - wall, computer, car, boat, etc.

    • use a USB Power Pack. (details

  • Incudes a short (1.5ft) and a long (10ft) USB cable.

  • Includes an assortment of different length nails for wall mounting. 

  • Power: 170ma at 5V 

  • Dimensions: 2.75"w x 4.82"h x 1.6"d

  • Model: WTC1-BL



  • Very Energy Efficient - uses 1 watt of electricity

  • Corn based plastic. Biodegradable. US origin. 

1 Year Warranty (details)

For non-hazardous use. This device is furnished in the hope that it will be useful, but without the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Do not use this device as a basis for any decisions that could result in harm to people, other organisms or property. Check these predictions against officially sanctioned tables. Agencies like NOAA exist because there is a need for certifiably correct tide predictions. Do not rely on these predictions if you need guaranteed results.

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